What about Herb???

I have been making things out of wood since I was in the sixth grade.   Wood shop was always my favorite class.  When I  was 16, I moved to the Southbay of Los Angeles and took my first job as an apprentice woodworker at a local shop.  “Timbers of the World” was located in Redondo Beach and walking distance from my high school.  At Timbers, I fell in LOVE with WOOD-the hard fibrous material that forms the main substance of the trunk or branches of a tree or shrub, used for fuel or timber.   Discovering the many verities and textures, colors of wood was and has been a wonderful experience for me.   At first I couldn’t tell the difference from White Oak to Red Oak, or flat, rift or quarter-sawn, open poured or closed poured woods.   Learning each type of wood became addictive.   I always felt that it was a shame that most people only are familiar with a few woods; oak, maple or walnut.   There is Snake wood, Tulip wood, Bocote, Pink Ivory.  There is beautiful figures in wood; curly, birds eye, quilted, spalted, burls, crotch, bees wing, pommeled.   Along with a  skilled artisan and proper tooling the most amazing desks for Kings and Queens or the simplicity of the Shaker tables can be created for anyone’s tastes or budgets.

I love to create cabinetry and woodwork  that clients desire and use the wonderful woods of the world.  From vision to installation,  If it’s with wood, I’ll exceed expectations.